Mind Map 1: Adoption under HAMA

Hindu Maintenance and Adoption Act, 1958 Came in force 21st Dec. 1958 In the Definition of Hindu u/s 2 Explanation (bb) a child who is: a. Abandoned by both parents b. Parentage is not known and is brought up as Hindu is also included. Now we shall see the first part of the Act which… Continue reading Mind Map 1: Adoption under HAMA


RJS Vacancy

So the moment for which so many of us were waiting for is here. RJS notification is out and the forms have been filled out. Now the problem is no one knows about the date of exam so this leaves us with only one thing- preparing for the exam. Since we have to do almost… Continue reading RJS Vacancy

Chapter 4: Cr.P.C

As we have seen in the diagram above Chapter 4 of the Cr.P.C is divided into 2 parts. Now we shall see these sections in detail. However before we do that open your bare acts and read these sections. Part A: Powers of Superior Officers of Police Section 36 states that the Superior Officer shall… Continue reading Chapter 4: Cr.P.C

Law of Limitation

Now before we start with this subject there are a few points we need to keep in mind. First thing is that I am not going to write long sentences here and make it tedious for you to read and for me to write. So I will make an effort to provide all the information… Continue reading Law of Limitation

How to prepare for judicial service exams?

The most important thing before you start preparing for a competitive exam is to be mentally prepared for all the hard work and be so motivated that you enjoy the process of learning. This is very important for every competitive exam. Self motivation is the most important factor that will sail you through this exam… Continue reading How to prepare for judicial service exams?